About Courtesy and Manners

Yes.. By observing what is currently happening around me, I do agree with the finding of this survey.

Among the last

just 35% passed

I hope I am in the 35% group. huhuhu..


A wise person once said to me that there are many ways you can be noble in the eyes of God. One of the ways is by being patient all the times. It is not by showing others how you can endure the challenges, but the most important of all is how your heart react when such thing occur..

The wise person added that it is as though, when a silly person throw shit at your face, you thank the person like he/she has given you one kilogram of gold. huhuhu



1 Comment

  1. suhaimi said,

    February 18, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    dulu pon ada jugak wat bdne yg sama cume cara diorg wat ukuran tue x ikut budaya Malaysia huhu sbnr nyer lah ada abca dulu diorg wat experimen tgok brp rmai rakyat malaysia bukak kan pintu utk org huhuhuh 😀 actually kita x biasa wat bnde2 tue ..stiil i believe that malaysian adalah org2 yg berbudi bahasa and berbudi pekerti :d tue jek kat mana2 pon kat muka bumi nie ada jek org yg x reasonable… tue jek :d jangan riso lah

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