Mother, you win..

1st case

At home

Mother: Let’s go to a shop.
Son 1: Woha (full with excitement), But where to?
Mother: Barber shop, to cut your long hair.
Son 1: huh? Hmm

2nd case

At a bookshop

Mother: Take any book as many as you want. I’ll pay them for you..
Son 2: Yes2 (full with excitement).. How many books can I take?
Mother: You can take even 10 books if you like. It is not a sin to buy books..
Son 2: Yes2 (getting more excited)..
Mother: But you’ll commit sins if you don’t read them..
Son 2: huh? hmm..

The conclusion:

  1. Be careful with what your mom says to you because they always think ahead of us. 
  2. Save the excitement to the last.. Don’t show it too early because you might give your opponent the best opportunity to counter. Huhuhu

Ps: I am now having my quality time with the family.. huhuhu.. Can’t upload any pic because the internet speed is a pain in the neck..


1 Comment

  1. suhaimi said,

    December 24, 2008 at 10:53 pm

    huhuhuh ~ macam best jek kan dah balik umah 😀

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