Advanced ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ game

Let’s challenge our thinking skills by playing the advanced game of ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ (RPS). Although it is not as challenging as the PS3 games, it should at least make the brains work to figure it out who wins the game. huhuhu

"To the beginner the choices are few, to the expert the choices are many."

Wojek Smallsoa 1962

cool symbols..

For teachers or teachers to be, maybe they should consider using this game in the classroom. I am sure it can be adapted to suit principles in creating an effective teaching and learning process in classroom. huhuhu

Read more (about RPS, not the advanced RPS):

  1. Game Basic (here)
  2. Play RPS online (here)
  3. 10 Steps To Play Rock Paper Scissors Like a Pro (here)
  4. Iocaine Powder (here)
  5. How to beat anyone at Rock Paper Scissors(here)

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  1. lisa said,

    November 3, 2008 at 10:53 am


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