Film Review: Baramui Fighter AKA Fighter in the Wind

It is about a Korean guy, Choi Baedal who went to Japan to be a Pilot. However, he was cheated by the Japanese as the Japanese army taught the Korean pilot students so that they were able to perform Kamikaze. They were released by the army after the Japanese lost in the WW2. The film revolve around the post war in Japan, where the protagonist lived a hard life to survive. He endured lots of pain before he becomes a well known a hero.

The exciting part in the film is when he did his training. Actually, before this, I was told by a friend of mine about this martial art. They have very hard physical trainings in order to be super tough to absorb the attacks from the opponent (more like Muai Thai?). They hit their bodies, train in the cold ice and do many other hard physical trainings. Therefore the film has become the evidence about what I have being told before. I think bro Zalen is very suitable for kind of martial art. huhuhu

Although it is based on true story, I am not sure how much truth can be found in the story. From my research, I have found that the founder of the Kyokushin Karate, Sosai Masutatsu Oyama learned from a number of masters (which is not being mentioned in the film) before he went into mountains to do the isolation training or ‘bertapa’. Mas Oyama has become legend when defeats hundred of Martial Art Masters. Also, he has the ability to fight bull and break the bull’s horn!! That is quite something.

a little bit spoiler.. huhuhu..

The toughness or ‘lasak’ part is an important feature if one wants to be great in almost every school that he/she is in. I am still far away from that level. Accuracy, speed and strength are the keys for attacking but when it comes to defending, the ‘lasak’ part is one of the main keys. That is what my teachers (ayah su, cikgu muzairi, cikgu zul, abe di and others) always tell me.

“A man can be poor, as long as he has goal and endeavor for it, he is beautiful” Choi Baedal.


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