Hail to the Hail

What should my nephew call me? Ayah Ngah sound too old. When you say Ayah Ngah, first picture comes to my mind is like some kind of old school man mid. thirty. He smokes Winston, ride Honda C-70 and go watch his orchard during the evening. That is not what I want to be in this recent time. I want to be appearing as a cool uncle that his nephew will come to when his parents scolded him; his nephew will never hesitate to invite him to a movie during weekend. (But Hail is too young to go to a movie)

Imagine in two years time, when I arrive at KLIA, Hail is at the arrival Terminal. And he runs to me and for the first time, he calls me “Abe Je!!!”. Imagine in the future when Hail study in University, he calls me to ask a man problem. And his friend asks with whom he was talking to in the phone. He answers “My uncle, Abe Je.” How cool is that? I am like his consigliere. I am Tom Hagen and Hail is Don Corleone. Wait, Don Corleone is cooler than Tom Hagen. I take it back. I am Don Corleone and Hail is Tom Hagen. Wow, we even can built an organize crime family. Let see what will happen in 20 years of time. Abe Je and Hail will make Malaysia like New York in seventy. Lazim family is one of the five families. Hahhahaha. I am sorry. The Sopranos series mess up my brain.

By the way, I don’t have a veto on this. The name depend on what my brother and my in law teach him. Ayah Ngah, Pok Ngah or whatever sounds right is ok to me. I hope both of them can give me a great title to be called. But Ayah Ngah is likely. Abe Je will be just like Eleanor. Sound too western. Hail’s grandfather too will oppose. Or maybe I should bribe them. Or make an offer that they cannot refuse.

Just don’t teach Hail to call me Pok Teh. Hahahahaha. Mok Teh sound fit to my sister, Naziha. Maybe I should call her Mok Teh. No, everybody should call her Mok Teh. But the Veto powers have voted “Che No”. Good for Her.

Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda:

“Setiap anak dilahirkan dalam keadaan fitrah iaitu suci bersih. Kedua orang tuanyalah yang membuatnya menjadi Yahudi, Nasrani atau Majusi.”

(Riwayat Abu Hurairah R.A)

Good Day,

Hafzan Lazim



  1. paih said,

    May 21, 2008 at 1:14 am

    It will be super cool if you want build an established family business or open a pondok or maybe develop a charity organisation like kijang care.. but if it is like sopranos , no comment.. huhuhu

  2. Hafzan Lazim said,

    May 21, 2008 at 4:40 am

    tersungkur rebah tidak dapat bangun semula.. hahahahahahah

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