Just like that She was gone.

That night he slept quite early. It was a dreamless sleep. Neither bad nor good story was in his dream. Tomorrow is holiday. Who cares about dream when next day is holiday? No lecture, no lab, just holiday. He can do the only thing he good at which is “do nothing”.

He woke up very early; something kind of weird, considering that day was a holiday. First thing entering his mind was his legendary green bag. He must hurry, go packing. He thought he can still catch bus at section 17, Shah Alam to travel back to his hometown, Bachok. He just put some of his clothes in the bag and put the bag in front of the door.

He needs to clean himself. If he is lucky enough, a beautiful lady maybe will sit next to him in the bus. He already knew he will do nothing about it. He will just sleep in entire journey or call his buddies to inform that he sit next to beautiful lady in weird language so the lady will not understand what he is saying. Call him crazy but who doesn’t like beautiful lady.

Just before he went to wash up, he accidentally looked outside his window. “Why the scenery is so different?” he said to himself. Then he observed his room. “Why there is a desktop on the table?” He never had a desktop during Shah Alam’s days. The entire plain simple questions kept running in his head. Why, Why and Why??

F%&$!. He then realised he was not in Shah Alam but he was in Germany. Aww man, how the hell he gonna go back to his hometown with a Bus considering he was in Germany.

How sad or funny the story turned to be. He woke up and thought he was in Shah Alam but he was not. He then sat, lighted up the nicotine and inhaled the pleasure. Instead of eating his mom’s cook that night, he will again eat “Kari minyak bertakung”. All the old memories during Shah Alam’s day kept coming in his head.

“PPP, Intec, Wira Sejati,Faris Petra, Azmir, Kancil the rock,Section 18, rx70, Darul Ihsan, Syikin, Chemistry, Dead head, Pasar Malam, Dunhill 10, Hockey, 18-P, Masjid Unta, Man Bara, Cemara, Bukit Jalil, 7-11, weirdo Popular, Dikir Barat, Miji Bee, Section 7, Nankai, Merapoh, Chin Seng, Mutiara blanket, Nasi Dagang, Nelly Furtado, Nasi Talam, and everthing.

Three years later he already becomes an old man. The old man here is me.


This song will sum up the story. I dedicate this song to all the Mokcik that doing business at Pasar Siti Khadijah. Way to go Mokcik. Seriously i have the greatest respect for them. They are like icon or symbol to all Kelantanese women. They are brave, strong and hardworking.

Pearl Jam – Elderly Woman behind the Counter In A Small Town.

I seem to recognize your face
Haunting, familiar, yet I cant seem to place it
Cannot find the candle of thought to light your name
Lifetimes are catching up with me
All these changes taking place,
I wish I’d seen the place
But no ones ever taken me
Hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away… (2x)

I swear I recognize your breath
Memories like fingerprints are slowly raising
Me you wouldn’t recall, for
I’m not my former
It’s hard when you’re stuck upon the shelf
I changed by not changing at all, small town predicts my fate
Perhaps that’s what no one wants to see
I just want to scream…hello…
My God it’s been so long, never dreamed you’d return
But now here you are, and here I am
Hearts and thoughts they fade…away…

Hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away… (2x)
Hearts and thoughts they fade…away…
Hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away… (3x)
Hearts and thoughts they fade…

Good Day,

Hafzan Lazim



  1. c su said,

    May 17, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    Hahaha….Sedih pun ada

  2. paih said,

    May 19, 2008 at 2:51 pm

    it happened to me at least a couple of times..but not to the extent that I’ve packed everything and then realised about the reality..

  3. halaa said,

    May 19, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    hahaha… kelakarlah abang awak ni, faiz… adooi~~

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