Small school with a big heart

My School Based Experience

The school that I observe for my school placement is a small school. It has five classes which contain standard one until six students. The classes are the mix ages classes as students are streamed based on their ability. The class that I am in is a mix ability and age class which consists of students from standard four and five.

On the surface, the school is just as the same as other school. However, if we inspect the school carefully, the school may be considered as special to the others. Although one may say that I am making a generalisation, as it is just my second school that I observe since I have been here in the UK, I believe that this school has the main aim that others school might lack of.

Creating The Lifelong Learners

Wanting to learn.. from womb to tomb.. minal mahdi ila lahdi..

When we first arrived at the school, the head teacher told that the aim of the school is mainly to make all students wanting to learn while and even after they leave the school.

“About the result of the exam, that’s for the government to think of, not us. Our job is to make sure that students have the curiosity to learn, even after they go to the secondary school”, he told us in his own style, down to earth yet convincing.

Learning is always associated with the figures and numbersThis is quite different to other schools which tend to look more on the results of the students. Students are seen as the statistic numbers, which indicates the schools competitiveness to compare with the other schools. This will help the school to get the good and high quality customers, which in this case are the bright students with minimum discipline problems.

A Self-employed Investigator

That was the first impression that I gave to the school. This will act as an inference in order for me to investigate more, in depth on the issues.

What did the head master mean when he said “to make sure that students have the curiosity to learn”? Why do they set the aim differently from the other school? Are they just making the statement to make themselves sounds good? If not, what do they do to achieve the goal? What do the teachers, teachers assistant would say about this issue? How do they act to reach the aim? How do the students respond to the issue?

These are just a few questions that will make me thirsty to get, at least a drop of answers. There is more to come. Till then, wassalam..


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