Randori Nationals 2008

As expected from the beginning, I didn’t win any medal in the competition. However, I have learned a lot from this event. The Randori Nationals in Birmingham was indeed a worth trip.

Knowledge, understanding, skills and experience

Life is like a circle, sometimes you are on top and sometimes you are at the bottom. At the moment the picture was taken, I was on top, doing the ultimate Keza Gatame technique. Unfortunately, It didn’t last long. I was able to do the technique for a few times before I was pinned by the Yoko Shiho Gatame technique. And.. that’s the end of the game. T-T

Management and Organization

Conducive environment for training

All of the registrations and accommodation booking were done on-line, before the competition kicks off

Clean and ample space for lunch/dinner

First aid and safety precaution given by the professionals

Fair and square games


Free massage. Anyone?

Comfortable sits for the spectators

At the end of the event, the additional thing that I got was the bruises and pain all over my body.. huhuhu

For more pictures click here

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