Another year to go.. and still counting..

Today is my first anniversary, not with a fiance or something like that, but with the life that i have in my college, Marjon. That means, I’ve been here in the UK for exactly a year. I have only got another year before I went back to my beloved country.

Is there any changes so far? Let’s have a look..

  • in term of my performance, i can say that I have got just about the same result (although some of them were not really good consistent). Shame on me.. huhuhu..I need to work harder.. (?) A part from the formal education, I have also involved in the Jitsu club. So far so good, but there is still a lot of room for improvement and to learn something new and interesting. Hopefully, by relating Jitsu with my previous experience, it can be the meaningful learning for me.
Quite consistent on the surface..
But it is actually like this if it is seen in detail
  • in term of my social life, I am still the same person. Maybe because I am a bit afraid of changes (?). My appearance is just the same. This is according to my own observation. Maybe people would argue about this point. Perhaps there are some sort of inner changes in my understanding and perception towards the world which evolves around me. Hopefully, these would be the positive changes that can make me a better person.
Learning Jitsu in a way has improved my well being..
  • in term of my income, there is no doubt that my income has increased. Thanks to the Malaysian government for the generosity towards the overseas students. I’ve heard that some of the local students has got their allowance increased as well. The government has played their part in this area very well especially for our welfare.Thanks again.
  • in term of physical appearance, I think I do not change at all very much. My weight is still the same as before. The only thing that concern me is that my eye power has increased. This is just my hypothesis that I make based on my sight ability. I have not got my eyes checked properly yet. Maybe I’ll get the heart attack once I go and check my eyes at the optometrist.

and still..

  • There are a lot more bad habits need to be thrown far away from my heart.
  • There are a lot more things that I need to learn for my professional development.
  • I have no idea about what I am going to write for my dissertation.
  • There are a lot of places that I haven’t go in Europe and the UK. I need to save some cash for this.
  • I don’t really bother about reading books. I really3 need to make some time for reading. sigh..
  • There are a lot more things to learn, experience and discover.

Another year to go.. and still counting


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