The Big Art Day 2008

Yesterday, the international students from Marjon had involved in the Big Art Day event as the stewards. This event included students performances, art workshops and exhibitions. Basically our task was to take care of the schools that we were in charge in. We, including the Japanese students were divided into groups of two or three.Each group was given one or two schools to look after.

Warid, Tatsumi and I

There were about 20 schools performing. The children were just fantastic and amazing. My group was asked to take care of two schools, the Woodfield and St Paul’s. They performed the mixed group dance and dance/ movement – ‘Dinosaur and all that rubbish’. Their performances were full of energy as though the whole Plymouth Pavilion’s arena was theirs.

The most interesting and touching part of the event was when students from the Woodlands school performed. They sang songs which one of them were about the dreams that they have. They mentioned that they want to do everything in their dreams as they cannot do many things in their real life. This is because they are the disable students. Although they seemed to enjoy their show, only God knew what were in their mind when they sang the song…

At the same time, there were also some art workshop taking place at the other part of the arena. This included the drawing, doing 2ds and 3ds art. The students with the helps of teachers were doing great job. Some of the art works were very creatively done and in fact, I have not seen some of these designs before.

Students drew their own body.

An art workshop by the St Park Primary School

Another part of the event was the art exibition. The exibition was on the photographer, fabric art and 3d paper art (origami?). It was a great oppertunity to see things in different ways in which I may not often seen or may just because of my ignorance?

All in all it was a great event except for … (please refer to the note below). We have had a great day with a lot of new experience dealing with the schools and enjoying the performances, workshops and exibitions. Why don’t we organize such event back in our place? One big art event can be organized in each district. The contents of the events can be modified to suit the culture and values that the particular society holds.

Note: We were not allowed to take pictures of children because of the lousy law. Only the schools’ photographer’ and the host photographer are allowed to do so. It was just a waste of lots of great memories and the ability of high tech cameras as well. sigh..

Forr more photos, click here



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